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About ScrubMaster
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About ScrubMaster

  • ScrubMaster combines standard chemical engineering, physical and solution chemistry modelling techniques with mass and heat transfer models developed over many years in partnership between Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd. and Osprey Environmental Technologies Ltd. The modelling technique combines theoretical models developed for absorption and scrubbing using complicated fixed pack and fluidised bed devices with widely available empirical data. The result is a very accurate predictor method for use by professionally minded chemical, environmental and process engineers or plant managers and operators with need to know more about the functionality and performance capabilities of new or old plant at their particular site.


  • Comparison can be made of the likely behaviour of different packing types and tray configurations under identical process conditions or the changes likely for a given packing as system or process characteristics are altered. By the changing of flow, pressure, humidity, temperature or chemical concentrations in the gas and liquid alike ScrubMaster immediately shows the response of the scrubbing or absorption system in question.


  • The obvious benefits to the qualified user are the savings of hundreds of hours of hand calculation and the ability to run through a wide variety of design or operating "WHAT-IF`S" in minutes.


  • The Programme can be installed in either imperial or S.I. unit mode to ensure maximum ease of use for professional engineers or plant operators used to working in a given country or familiar culture. It is currently available in 16 Bit and 32 Bit format. Working Demos are available with up to 14 days of trial operation. Send DemoCD!


  • Meaningful use of the ScrubMaster modeller depends upon the accurate input of process information gained from measurement and calculation. If inaccurate or conflicting data is entered into the programm then ScrubMaster will signal this to the user to allow for amended or compatible data values to be entered.

    Use these buttons on Top of the Program to get the information you need:

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    Input Screen Result Screen 1 Result Screen 2 Diagnostic Page
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    Temperature Graph pH Graph Liquid Interface Equilibrium Process Screen



For technical support and details of non standard ScrubMaster programmes please contact FTL or OSPREY:


FTL:            50 Old London Rd,

Kingston upon Thames,

                       Surrey, England, KT2 6QF.

                        Tel.: +44 (0)20 8549 7722  Fax.:+44 (0)20 8549 7733


                        E-Mail: DAVISFTL@aol.com


OSPREY:    Units 84-85 John Wilson Business Park

                        Whitstable, Kent, England.

                        Tel.: +44 (0)1227 770979 Fax.:+44 (0)1227 770949


                        E-Mail: Sales@ospreycorporation.com